Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will
present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which
governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and
traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical “life ground” attributes of human and social
survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a
“Resource-Based Economy”.
This film will feature experts in the fields of public health, anthropology, neurobiology, economics, energy,
technology, social science and other relevant subjects which relate to social operation and culture.
The three central themes of the work are Human Behavior, Monetary Economics, and Applied Science.
Put together the work creates a model of understanding the current social paradigm; why it is critical to
move out of it – coupled with a new, radical, yet practical social approach based on advanced understandings
which would resolve the current social woes facing the world today.
One of the unique attributes of this work, which separates it in style from most documentaries, is that it
has a parallel dramatic/cinematic theme, with notable actors, which abstractly play out various gestures
related to the overall message of the film. The work also vigorously employs numerous 2d and 3d visual
abstracts/animations, while returning to the standard, traditional documentary orientation as the foundation.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is to be released in 60+ countries and in 20+ languages starting January 15th
2011. This large scale release is not associated with any major distributor. Part of the counter-culture expression
of this approach is to bypass all corporate media involvement and utilize independent groups,
in a non-profit manner, which will show the work in their respective regions. Most of these groups are
in affiliation with various activist communities, including “The Zeitgeist Movement”, which is a sustainability
advocacy group seeking a social transition into a new socioeconomic paradigm, away from the
growing distortion of the monetary system and its consequences.
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a non-commercial project, which means it will be available for free acquisition
via internet in both viewing form and full DVD download. ZeitgeistMovingForward.com will also
have a physical $5.00 DVD available in mid to late January.
The Global Theatrical Premiere will be presented by The Artivist Film Festival organization on January
15th 2011 in Los Angeles, CA

The director, producer, writer, cinematographer, composer, editor and narrator of the work, Peter
Joseph, was inadvertently brought into recognition within the documentary film community with his
award winning controversial 2007 work “Zeitgeist: The Movie” which obtained over 100,000,000 views
online during the first year of its publication. This film was not a film at all in its original conception, but
became one after it achieved global acclaim.
In 2008, a sequel to the work, entitled “Zeitgeist: Addendum”, was premiered at the Artivist Film Festival
in Hollywood CA. As with its predecessor, the award winning “Addendum” was a huge viral internet
video obtaining over 50,000,000 views within its first year.
After the release of this sequel, Joseph then founded a social movement inspired by the public reaction
- called “The Zeitgeist Movement”. This global organization, with now over half a million subscribers
across 200 countries, works to begin a transition of culture into a new sustainable economic paradigm
and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is, in part, a media expression of the same focus. “The Zeitgeist Movement”
is an extension of “The Venus Project”- an organization established by industrial designer – Jacque
Fresco – which is also featured in the film.
“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” is the third installment in what has now become a cultural film series project
which continues to consider the current “Zeitgeist” – which means “The Spirit or Awareness of the
Time” or culture.

For more information about Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, including release dates:
For more about The Zeitgeist Film Series and its history:


Göteborg, Lördag, 2011-01-15 15:00 – 18:30

Lördag den 15:e Januari är det premiär av filmen Zeitgeist: Moving Forward som visas på biografen Bio Capitol i Göteborg. Detta är den tredje filmen som är regisserad och producerad av Peter Joseph, en filmskapare som tidigare vunnit pris i Artivist’s Film Festival 2007 och 2008 för filmerna Zeitgeist the Movie och Zeitgeist Addendum.

Filmen har svensk text och engelskt tal. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward är en dokumentär som presenterar ett behov för ett paradigmskifte av det nuvarande ekonomiska monetära system som idag styr våra liv. Filmen går igenom världsåskådningarna kulturell relativism och traditionell ideologi som anknyter till livs kärnan för mänsklig och social överlevnad, varav dessa oföränderliga naturlagar förs i riktning mot ett nytt hållbart paradigm kallat Resursbaserad Ekonomi.

Biljetter säljs för 60 kr styck. Filmen börjar kl 15.00. Biografen har 206 platser. Vi behöver sälja 100 biljetter för att täcka våra kostnader för biograf och affischer. Eventuellt överskott går till Göteborgskapitlet av Zeitgeist-rörelsen för att användas i framtida informationskampanjer. (Inga pengar går till filmskaparen. Själva filmen är gratis och kommer att släppas på nätet 25:e januari!) Hjälp oss att sprida den här inbjudan till så många som möjligt.

För att boka biljett skicka ett mejl till: eddieep@gmail.com

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One Response to “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”
  1. Human says:

    Thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your daily schedule to consider the ideas in this film. So long as we a capable to refute or agree with these claims and allegations can we collectively take a step towards change. i commend each and every one of you for being inspired by this motivational piece of work. Investing your energy for or against will manifest inevitable change, which spell both chaos and peace. Plant a seed with love or hate and it will grow regardless. Plant an acre of seeds with love or hate and it will grow regardless. All that encompasses the ‘nature’ of things is good at self-preservation. Your need to worry about such universalities has nothing to do with it. Your need to believe in something like this or that is futile and will ultimately lead to undoing everything you are for. Everything you are for empowers you. Everything you are against weakens you. You are a self-aware entity that has the capacity to transcend all that you are! You are capable of so much more! Why not start after taking your next breath and even more so for each sequential breath that you take for granted? You’ve got to be stupefied every time you consider the complexity of you inborn capacity to breathe. You don’t have enough time to worry about being upset at the people and things that have propagated this illusory experience you might call YOUR life. Nor do you have enough time to neatly change the universe to favor your self-created belief system. Remember that these are YOUR perceptions that YOU are responsible for because YOU choose to believe in the things YOUVE seen and heard. i may convince myself through logical analysis that the sky is blue, but the necessity for using a word like that to describe it to you denies everything that it could potentially be in your eyes. Rather than feeding a starving man, teach him how to fish so that he can feed himself for a lifetime and therefore teach everyone who makes the time to see him do likewise. When it comes down to it we all just want to be happy. The road to happiness can be reached when you recognize your self-worth. You are worthy of everything you can feed yourself be it negative or positive; it’s all you choice. And for the same reason You can never arrive at happiness while looking outside, for happiness can only come for within yourself. It’s wonderful how one nine thousand six hundred seconds can raise such spirited rhetoric. This enumerates to all how passionate we can become when we invest our belief in matters that can potentially offer some kind of compensation or fulfillment of expectation. Is it feasible to think that your attachments to expectation can also destroy all the good that you may desire to represent? Do what feels right for the sake of doing it, not for a belief in the necessity to massage the ego or the like. You don’t have to compulsively question everything outside of you in order to validate it. You can grow out of this excuse for living when you understand that you are in control of everything you are for. Your need to describe it to others just tells them how special you think you are and has nothing to do with what you are telling them. You don’t need to instruct a newborn how to breath- life takes care of the ineffable matters. The very life that we desperately hold on to can be a belief as well, so try to treat it that way if it works for you, don’t get worked up over theory’s, ideology, dogma, religion and pragmatism because no matter what you always have the choice to choose peace instead. You can’t arrive at truth because you literally are a manifestation of truth and everything contrary to that is mere conception. All i know is that i know nothing. i expect everyone to live for themselves or others in order to be happy for themselves which encompasses the process to fulfilling that contentment. Happiness is a perception; a very simple concept. All it takes is that you truly believe in yourself and your pristine right to exist. You disservice yourself when you fight for what Jacque Frescos believes in. i expect you to understand that all the unnamed hero’s in history died for this knowledge to reach your eyes and ears. These people will never ask you to take the torch for their sake. They want you to live life for everything you encompass out of a genuine interest so that the integrity of all can be sustained and improved. This is the greatest achievement you can possibly award yourself with. Jacques war in essence is not with others. It’s the battle over self. The same war has been waged since time immemorial. He is telling you to be in control of your universe and not that of another. If it rains on your parade, well believe that you are in control of that as well. Don’t be immobilized by your excuses and perceptions. Countless people and experiences preach these things to you every day. Why bother yourself with being upset at Jacque and company? The universe is perfect; even you desire to improve it! Don’t wait for the whole world to catch up to you, for it will consume you. Don’t even expect the world to catch up to you, for it never will. Be your universe. Now! How can you wage a war for peace when peace has been inside you all along? i am of the human race and i Live on the planet earth! Don’t settle for anything less than you can be. Make your life a masterpiece!
    I have always been regretting that i was not as wise as the day i was born. – Henry David Thoreau
    Every generation laughs at the old fashioned, but follows religiously the new. – Henry David Thoreau
    Loving Kindness to all that is

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